"If postive stories about you aren't emerging online, in print and on TV and radio, we're not doing our job."

- Mark Hopkinson
CEO, NewsMark Public Relations

Who's listening to your message?

At NewsMark Public Relations, we break through the noise with simple, direct messaging.

NewsMark Public Relations specializes in high profile placement across all media platforms. We manage media relations’ outreach, public relations positioning, corporate messaging, marketing and branding activities involving reputation management. We deliver compelling initiatives and the strategic consulting that supports commercial or political objectives.

How did we land a client on the Today Show shortly after being retained?

NewsMark Public Relations landed an invitation on the top rated NBC Today Show for New York City restaurant client, "Mandler's The Original Sausage Company", shortly after being retained to execute a restaurant franchise public relations program. Learn more

As an award winning public relations firm, we challenge ourselves every day to exceed client expectations. As former news producers and journalists, versed in story production values, we anticipate the media's deadlines, craft newsworthy client stories, and leverage valued editorial relationships with top TV producers, editors, reporters, analysts, columnists, bloggers and syndicated writers.

Did you know?

  • 9 out of 10 Americans get their news from multiple sources, with the Internet gaining on TV as the main news source.
  • Half of all U.S. adults now use social networks.

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What can we do for You?

  • Influential media outreach campaigns
  • Brand promotion across platforms
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Content optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Press release crafting
  • Local, national and worldwide press release distribution
  • Media Buying
  • Editorial positioning
  • Targeted Advertorial campaigns
  • Crafting and improving marketing copy
  • Driving Consumer awareness
  • Reputation management
  • Issues and crisis management
  • Grassroots advocacy
  • TV, Print, online advertising
  • Did we mention great storytelling?

Our Services

Influential media relations

We’re tapped into media in over 200 countries, so no matter how big or how small your public relations requirements are, we can design a PR campaign that’s made to measure and fits like a glove. In addition to traditional media outlets our news releases reach over 5,000 Websites, databases and online services.

Writing, Writing, Writing – did we mention writing?

We’re keenly focused on copywriting, editing, news positioning and the creative pitching strategies that consistently produce effective results and memorable branding. We employ timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts, historical trends and demographics to position our clients’ messages for maximum exposure. Then we engage in designing and implementing public relations and advertising campaigns to best promote the interests and image of our clients.

Responsive Website Design that delivers across mobile platforms

Need we say more? Clean, optimized design that matches our ability to write compelling content. We make websites designed to present our clients’ strengths with a look, feel and content that captivates.

Always forward thinking

No cookie cutter approaches: With strategic planning and innovation at the heart of every campaign, we customize client outreach across markets and platforms including print, online digital, mobile, broadcast, targeted direct delivery and event promotion, connecting clients with their best customers.

Strategic Advertorial Positioning

The NewsMark Portfolio of Advertising Services reaches across platforms:

  • Online video creative
  • Direct Mail
  • Targeted Print positioning
  • Broadcast Television
  • Cable TV
  • Social Media
  • Billboards

On Air and online

Have your podcasts scripted, produced and voiced by a former BBC trained broadcast journalist,  using the latest in production facilities and broadcast technology. We’ll position your expertise, and if necessary, guide your presentations to ensure they’re customized to your listeners’ interest and have the essential ingredients for attention grabbing online placement.

Read more about our work in the sections below or contact us to learn more.


Client News

We have a passion for news, as former journalists, we've reported it. As PR practitioners we've pitched it and we've witnessed the tremendous impact it can have on our clients' businesses. News drives the public relations message of our clients, whether it's television, radio, online or in newspapers and magazines.

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Client Awards

While we've won awards for our work, our real satisfaction is in our clients' abilities to win awards which shines a deserving spotlight on the people, causes and campaigns we represent that make an impact. These awards underscore the creative and effective ways in which communication can play a key role in business and community.

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Case Studies

We approach each client's enterprise as an ongoing news story that can be shaped to attract a wide variety of news beats from headline to feature story and from Main Street to Wall Street. This sampling of case studies reflects the art of crafting a great story and the ability to penetrate into breaking news with journalistic persistence that impacts on influential media and their audiences.

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